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More Metaphysical Hawthorn

Not too long ago, I eagerly posted information about the metaphysical uses of Hawthorn and how beneficial this plant is. I wasn't able to add the information from the article I read that actually inspired me to use hawthorn but, while packing, I found the book the article is in and I wanted to share some of the information in it with you all.
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Four Roses: Tree Medicine from the Rose Family by Darcey Blue French in Llewellyn’s 2013 Herbal Almanac

Hawthorn is listed as having cooling, drying, sweet, sour, and astringent energetics as well as stimulant, relaxant, antioxidant, tonic, nutritive, nervine, and cadiac actions.

“Hawthorn is most famous for its use as a heart tonic, addressing both the physical and emotional heart. Hawthorn is a nourishing food and medicine and is generally considered very safe. The fruits are rich in bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals that nourish the blood and the heart by protecting from free radicals and oxidative damage. Hawthorn has been used traditionally for as a tonic for weak hearts, congenital defects, and general cardiovascular health…hawthorn is a beautiful ally to help protect the heart.”

French feels comfortable recommending hawthorn to people on other heart medications excluding blood thinners with the recommendation that these same people monitor their heart health regularly, especially hawthorn can decrease the need for medications.

“It Is important to remember that hawthorn is tonic and astringent and generally appropriate for folks who lack tone in the cardiovascular system. This may manifest as a weak heart, either energetically or physically. One may be pale, easily winded, or have poor circulation to the external parts of the body, because the tissues are flaccid and weak. Astringent tonics help to tighten, tone, and strengthen such tissues to improve circulation.

Hawthorn is a remarkable ally for what the Chinese call ‘disturbed shen.’ Shen is the word used for spirit, the spirit that resides in the heart and makes up our mental/emotional/spiritual state of mind. We understand this in the West when we speak up heartsickness or heartbreak. What we feel with our hearts can result in a strong physical sensation in that area, such as ache, palpitations, emptiness, and pressure.”

French lists Hawthorn as a remedy for such disturbed shen conditions as “anxiety, restlessness, nightmares, dreaminess/fantasy, insomnia, heartsickness or heartache, fear, panic, or trauma/PTSD.”

“Hawthorn is a powerful ally to anyone suffering in a situation where their heart needs extra protection emotionally and spiritually. This calming nervine brings the heart and spirit back into alignment; improves circulation of blood, oxygen, and life force; and restores balance and strength to the spirit and heart.”

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