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I Love Energy Work. I have had a love for Reiki since 2011 when I received my very first reiki treatment on a piercing that would not heal. This was when I learned I had a major blockage in my throat chakra that was causing me to believe that no one would take anything I said seriously. Sure they would say it was true or false, that wasn't my issue, it was the fact that I felt that my words were illigitamate.
This reiki treatment changed my life. It opened my eyes, my throat, and a door.
I started blogging and learning and reading and writing. I started opening my throat chakra and my heart chakra and slowly the others started opening and linking up. It was great.
I then went and learned what I could do to help other people break their own blocks and open their own doors.
I learned Reiki.

I am an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.

My lineage:
Dr. Mikao Usui
Phyllis Furimoto
Claudia Hoffman
Mary Shaw
Christine Henderson
Bruce Way
Neal Lyster
John Pickering
Martin Lee
Sherry Hansaw

I also practice the following:

Sekhmet Sekhem
Founder-Rosemary Noel
Luci Johnson

Anubis Seichim
Founder-Luci Johnson

Ethereal Flowers

Founder-Pamala Caddy
Luci Johnson
Priestess Maughread Birdsong

Ethereal Crystals
Founder-Ole Gabrielson
John Hicks
Stefan Kammerhofer
Sherry Andrea

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