Readings by HedgeWife

I offer a variety of readings from Tarot decks such as Crowley's Thoth deck to the rare Fantastical Tarot and oracle decks like Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle. Spreads that I use include a 3 card Past Present Future reading (usually in regards to a specific concern from the querent), 9 card Wheel of the Year reading (find out what your year has in store for you), 6 card relationship reading (so far only catering to relationship between 2 people), and a 10 card Celtic Cross spread (from general to specific query).

What are people saying about HedgeWife's Readings:

"You've never met me but you hit the nail on the head! You've told me exactly what I needed to hear."

"Your readings have been accurate...scary accurate at times."

"Spot on!"

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