Herbal Solstice Swap

I am part of a circle of 13 beautiful people and shops participating in an Herbal Solstice Swap on PoppySwap.
Here, my darling reader, you will find links to blog posts about the swaps as well as reviews of the products and pictures of the gifts I've received.

The Herbal Solstice Swap - Oct. 7
Hawthorn Elixir Harvesting - Nov. 1
A Cup of Tea - Worts+Cunning and Good4You - Dec. 1
Salve, Balms and Oils Oh My - Rosemary and Rue - Dec. 6
Teas and Seeds and Oil - Green Journey and Twisted Thystle - Dec. 12

 Worts+Cunning teas, coffee alternative and elixir
Rosemary and Rue oils, salves and balms
 Green Journey seeds
Twisted Thystle oil and tea

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