Friday, December 7, 2012

Herbal Solstice Swap - salves balms and oils oh my

I just received my third Herbal Solstice Swap gift today from Rosemary and Rue!

I was so excited when my hubs brought the package in from the mail. I opened it up to find four beautifully wrapped packages and a note. I waited 7 hours for my girlfriend to get home so i could use her Android phone's camera to take a picture before opening they were sooo pretty!

When I did finally open them, I was happy to receive
1 bottle of massage oil
1 bottle of aloe spray
1 herbal spiced lip salve
1 cinnamon and myrrh salve

Just as heart-warming as her gifts were, so was her little note that read:

"With Gratitude this winter season...

[HedgeWife], thank you so much for organizing this incredible circle of giving and sharing! You have been a true inspiration for me. I hope my herbal offerings find you well this winter month. I created a new formulation, cinnamon & myrrh salve, specifically for your exchange. I dearly hope you enjoy these items. Warm thoughts and green herbal blessings!

Rosemary and Rue Apothecary"

Thank you soooo much for such a sweet note hun.
Your gifts are absolutely amazing.

I'm wearing the lip balm now and its so smooth and soothing on my dry lips and smells delicious and spicy.
I will be using the massage oil on my girlfriend later this evening to give her a relaxing rub down after a very stressful day at work.
In all, they are truly a blessing.

Yuletide Blessings,


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