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An Air Ritual - Polyamory Communication Invocation

I recently received a fantastic book - Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts by Raven Kaldera
and I wanted to share a wonderful ritual within that uses the powers of Air and an Air invocation that really resonated with me. I also wanted to share it as I recently wrote about Air as the first of the Airts in my First Degree learning (which you can read about Air and its Correspondences HERE).

Communication Invocation

(I wanted to say that before the ritual, Kaldera explains the importance of a group breathing exercise in which everyone sits in a circle and breaths deeply until all are in unison)

"The center space is laid with a fan, a knife, and a talking stick. First, all share in a breathing exercise together. Then the first individual speaks:
Hail, powers of air!
You are the breath in our bodies,
the same breath shared by each of us, 
without which there can be no life.
We come before you strong in our knowledge
that we are on the same side together,
that we are bound by love and are not enemies,
that the happiness of one is the key to the happiness of all.
Breath in and know that this is true.
Hear us, powers of air!

The second speaker takes up the fan and gently fans the next person in the circle. The second person takes the fan and fans the next individual, and so it is passed until everyone has received the gift of wind. While this is going on, the second speaker says:
Hail, powers of air!
You are the wind of change
that blow through our minds.
We come before you open to changing
if that is what is necessary
to keep a balance strong between us.
We will not fear change,
even when it is less than comfortable,
for you are the power of the rising sun,
the glory of dawn,
and all new beginnings.
Hear us, powers of air!

The third speaker takes up the knife between their two hands and presses it reverently to their third eye, and then passes it on. Each in turn repeats the gesture, while the third speaker says:
Hail, powers of air!
You are the knife's edge
separating one thing from another,
untangling the threads of our knotted feelings. 
We come before you ready to feel your edge,
even when it cuts deep,
for the sharp glance of another may see
what we have hidden from ourselves.
And yet, we promise not to abuse that edge,
nor to slash carelessly at each others' souls,
so that every cur made is the sugeon's scalpel,
taken into the service of healing
rather than destruction.
Hear us, powers of air!

Then the fourth speaker picks up the talking stick and says:
Hail, powers of air!
You are the power of words, 
the song of meaning,
the stream of communication,
the many stories of language,
we swear to try our best
to learn each others' language,
that understanding may always flow between us.
Gift us with the knowledge of the perfect word,
the perfect phrase, the right thing
that will resolve each argument
and yet not stifle the flow of feeling
from whence it sprang.
Hear us, powers of air!

The fourth speaker then says:
I come to this circle to speak only truth,
Holding forth only hope,
seeing only friends,
and giving each their say.

Each person, as they take the talking stick should repeat this short verse. The discussion can now commence in whatever order the polyamorous family prefers."

If you've read my article on air correspondences and are like me and always feel that herbs and such can give a ritual a boost, you might consider cleansing the space before the group gathers, lighting incense, or sharing an herbal infusion using the herbs and scents that correspond with Air.

Blessed Be,

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