Saturday, December 8, 2012


So many people give to charities during the holidays. Whether its food for the hungry, toys for children in orphanages or foster homes or money to organizations that give relief to many, this is the time of year when people feel the most giving. 

I tend to be wary of many organizations and charities. There have been so many that have been exposed for using the money for selfish reasons or giving false information to those that are kind enough to donate. 
When I do give to charities, I try and give something other than money. Books, toys, clothes, and more are welcome to many and there isn't much of a chance a ceo of a charitable organization is going to make off with a thousand teddy bears as he is a thousand dollars. 

A Charity I am promoting this year...

Witch School/The Correllian Tradition is creating a Pagan Interfaith Library in South Africa. They are requesting books on all faiths and paths as well as divination tools to be sent to Florida where they will then be shipped to South Africa on April, 2013. I think this is a fantastic charity and one that pagans of all paths can get behind with pride. 

As of Dec. 8, 2012 there have been 121 books collected!

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