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Basic Magical Herbs Lesson 7

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

Medicinal Uses: spasms, inflammation, clears toxins

A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman says of Parsley:
"Parsley is a diuretic and helpful for gravel and stone as well as for edema, jaundice and kidney problems...The oil of the seed (five to fifteen drops) has been used to bring on menstruation."
(Persons with weak kidneys should avoid this herb.)

Magickal Uses: lust, protection, purification

A Druid's Herbal says of Parsley:
"Parsley was using in funeral rites by the Greeks; it was held sacred to Persephone. It was wound into funeral wreaths and used to decorate tombs."

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells lists parsley for protection and cleansing:

Parsley Protection Spell 1
"P is for protection - and for parsley, too. That's why it's used for a garnish; parsley on your plate keeps your food free of any low-level spirits attempting to sneak inside you via your food."
Parsley Protection Spell 2
"Garnish yourself with parsley's protection. Wear a sprig of parsley to provide protection wherever you travel."

Parsley Bath
"This bath is not suitable for use during pregnancy.
Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over an entire bunch of parsley and one sliced parsley root. Add the infusion to bathwater."
(See more on ritual baths HERE)

Bee Balm (Monarda officinalis)

Medicinal Uses: insect repellent, Anxiety, Sedative, lowers blood pressure

Magickal Uses: love, success, healing

"Although Bee Balm is somewhat of a giant in medicine and aromatherapy applications, uses in folklore and magic are surprisingly rather sketchy and hard to find for this herb.  Of course, for purifying and relaxation spells, Bee Balm is top notch when leaves and flowers are tied in a cloth and placed under hot running bathwater, and as such, this is considered a good addition to spells or rituals concerning peace, happiness, contentment, restfulness, and ridding oneself of negative energies or hexes.
Of course, Bee balm is an excellent herb either alone or combined with other herbs for any spell or ritual that calls for a tea or infusion, and it tastes good too!" (From Gardens Ablaze)

"Use in spells or rituals concerning peace, happiness, contentment, restfulness, and ridding oneself of negative energies or hexes. Bee Balm is bound to Air and Mercury, and due to the influence of both of these (Air for intellect and Mercury for success), it is believed to be a good herb for money and success in business-related spells. Carry a few leaves in your wallet to attract money, or rub leaves on the skin before a business meeting or job interview for success." (From Natures Alive)

Datura (Datura stramonium)

Medicinal Uses: asthma, gastrointestinal, boils (in pharmaceuticals)

Magickal Uses: hex breaking, sleep, protection from evil, spell breaking

Datura Leaf Shoe Spell 
(In the Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells)
"This is an old spell, but be cautious: not only is datura poisonous, it's also a skin irritant. Place datura leaves in your shoes, then place these shoes under the bed facing the wall to encourage sleep."

Pictured is a Datura Clay Sculpture by Cathy Kiffney Studio

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