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Basic Magical Herbs: Lesson 4

Now in Lesson 4 of Basic Magical Herbs and I'm very happy you've stuck with me in these lessons.
I posted on the Basic Herbs forum on Witch School about what I was doing here, sharing a small part of my lesson and research I've done further and here is what Reverend Sherry, the course instructor and my mentor, said:

"Thats exactly what I entended for you all to do. Basic herbs 101 & 102 are starting points for your BoS. There are so many herb websites and books that you can find information on.
Good Job!!!

:) glad you are enjoying yourself. It makes me very happy.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Charlotte Branca in Herbal Legacy writes of oregano:

"Oregano has a very long history of use in folk lore. It has been used for culinary purposes, medicinal reasons, and was believed to hold magical properties as well...Ancient Greeks believed that oregano was a useful poison antidote and was used extensively both internally and externally as a fomentation to treat skin irritations and infections, dropsy, convulsions, and as an antidote for narcotic poisons. Traditional Chinese healers have also used oregano for generations to treat a variety of complaints. In Shakespearean times, oregano was used for just about anything. It is said to encourage good luck and good health. It is used in spells for happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection and letting go of a loved one. It is believed that when worn on the head during sleep, it will promote psychic dreams. Oregano symbolizes joy. It is said to banish sadness and why not with its sweet fragrance and velvety leaves...It is believed if carried in a sachet or charm it will bring good luck and good health. It has also been used in love potions and rituals to enhance an already existing love relationship. A tea or incense is used for any of the above as well as for letting go of a loved one whether it be a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else that it hurts to leave. Growing oregano near your home is said to protect it from evil forces. It can also been carried as a charm for the same purpose. Plant Oregano around your house for protection, and scatter it inside the house to protect it as well..."

Medicinal Uses: antioxidant, colds and flu, bacterial and viral infections.

Magical Uses: rituals, love, happiness

The Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells lists Oregano for a courage bath and a spell to forget old lovers:

Oregano Courage Bath
"Bathe in an infusion of oregano (not while pregnant!) to calm nerves, regroup scattered thoughts and emotions, and to summon courage."

Oregano Spell
"The scent of oregano allegedly helps you forget old lovers...burning the dried herb as incense or heating a few drops of the essential oil in an aroma burner are...effective."

Pictures is Oregano essential oil from Oregano World which you can order Here.

Cinnamon (Cinnamonum zeylanicum)

The herb most cooks and herbalists and witches have in their kitchen. I've seen it listed in many many forums as someones favorite herb to use for so many purposes. It makes people pep up with the spice, reminds so many of us of home, brings life to a recipe, and adds appetite to life and food.

I remember the first time I used cinnamon magically was when I was working for my tarot mentor June Wright. She taught me that cinnamon was a great prosperity bringer and would burn essential oil in an aroma diffuser to bring business.

Medicinal Uses: help with diarrhea & nausea, colds

Magical Uses: spirituality, healing, stimulate psychic awareness

The Encyclopedia lists 2 cinnamon spells:

"Cinnamon casts an aura of potent protection, however derivatives of this fragrant tree bark are often too irritating to be applied directly to skin. The hydrosol is reasonably gentle. add cinnamon hydrosol (experiment to discover comfortable proportions) to bathwater to create a protection bath."

Romantic Maintenance (5) Cinnamon
"Grind pieces of cinnamon or cassia bark together with hair from your head and that of your partner's. Burn and place the ashes in a glass vial. Keep the vial in a safe place for as long as you with love to last."

Pictured is a cinnamon broom from Rita's Spiritual Goods.
"Hanging the broom on the back of your door symbolizes the sweeping away of obstacles and/or the negative influences of those who enter your home or try to. It helps you multiply earnings and draw in luck and prosperity.
It has been charmed with an I Ching coin which draws in good luck charm and also works as a protective talisman. It is also a good coin to work with for divination, so this one is perfect in the home of any reader, fortune teller or medium."
You can purchase it HERE.

Belladonna (Atropa belladonna)
The poisonous herb of the week is a very popular one in witch and magic folklore and media.
I am reminded almost immediately of this herb's use in the movie Practical Magic (1998) where Gillian Owens uses belladonna to sedate her abusive boyfriend and accidentally murders him.

Medicinal Uses: liniment, bandages, extracts, anesthesia

Magickal Uses: applied to skin an used as a sorcerers pomade in history, sacred to Hecate. Ritual oil for Dark Goddess Rites, Glamour, Astral Projection, Sex Magic, Visions, Warrior Arts
Also an herb used in the famous Witch's Flying Ointment

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