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Basic Magical Herbs Lesson 5

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Medicinal Uses: Stomach, pulmonary, whooping cough
has been used for fever and antiseptic properties.

Magical Uses: sleep, psychic powers, courage
Burned in ancient temples

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells lists Thyme for its use in healing, irresistibility spells, pillows, and psychic power spells.

Thyme Anti-infection Spell
"Thyme's name derives from the Greek thymos, "to smoke" or "fumigate." Burn thyme so that its aroma permeates an area to ward off infectious disease."

Thyme Pillow
"Stuff dream pillows with thyme to ward off melancholia."
"Dream pillows stuffed with powdered thyme allegedly relieve and prevent seizure disorders."

The Dream Pillow pictured contains a blend of Thyme, Lavender, Bay leaf, Chamomile, and Rosemary and can be purchased through Etsy at DesignsByBellaMoon.

In A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman:

"Garden known primarily as a lung cleanser and an herb to dry up moist lung conditions. Thyme tea is excellent for babies with moist coughs.
'Is is used to help expel the afterbirth and also as a wound herb, because of its antiseptic properties...Combine thyme and rosemary for migraine headaches...
'Thyme is a house blessing herb and is used as incense to encourage health. It brings vitality and strength to one who carries it while walking. A classic for healing spells, it is placed near the bed to ward off nightmares. Wear the herb to enhance psychic powers...
'It is burned to purify a ritual space and used in the ritual bath to wash away the sorrows of the past (discussed here). It is sacred to Venus...
'According to one source, the plant was used by Druids as a ritual offering to the gods."

Peppermint (Menthe piperita)

Medicinal Uses: decongestant, anti-nausea, other digestive properties
Don’t use at night as it’s a slight stimulant.
Its aromatherapy properties increase memory and awareness.

The Peppermint Pink Ink pictured can be bought through Etsy at GildedQuill.

Magical Uses: lust, travel, protection, cleansing, healing

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells lists peppermint for an asperging spell, candle spell, distance healing, luck and success, sex and seduction, spirit summoning, and vampire banishing.

Peppermint Asperging Spell
"Creat an infusion by pouring boiling water over peppermint. Strain and use a peppermint branch to asperge as needed."

Peppermint Distance Healing Spell
"1. Place peppermint leaves on top of a photograph of the patient.
2. Charge a blue candle with your desire
3. Carve and dress the candle as desired.
4. Burn it beside the photograph.
5. When the candle has burned down, dispose of the peppermint leaves.
6. Repeat as needed, with fresh leaves each time."

Peppermint Candle Spell
"Peppermint oil, usually a benevolent component of romantic and healing spells, is also used as a hexing agent in candle spells to bring harm and unhappiness to one's enemy."
The spell is a hexing spell that leaves the intention and sought outcome up to the spell-caster with peppermint mixed with mineral oil as the candle dressing.

Luck and Success Magic
"Peppermint brings joy as well as good fortune. It cleanses stagnation, creaming room for opportunity and success."

Peppermint Chervil Sachet
"Peppermint and chervil, two lucky plants, combine synergistically to bring happiness, luck, and protection."

Combine 1 part dried chevril to 1 part dried peppermint and sew into a satchet to wear against the skin during the day and sleep with under your pillow at night.

Peppermint Floorwash
Add an infusion (tea) of peppermint to floor wash water wiht vinegar and a "little" Cascarilla powder. Use this to clean floors and thresholds "to radiate an invitation to happiness and good fortune."

In Love Magic
The book explains that Peppermint corresponds to love magic because of its mythological connection to Hades and his first love Mentha - who was transformed into the plant by Demeter after the two were caught in their affair. Mentha supposedly had her last laugh because Hades could not perform sexually without mint from there after. "Of course, the fact that peppermint was once used as a contraceptive might also have influenced the Lord of the Dead."

The book lists peppermint used a floor wash and as a powder to lure in and excite love.

In Spirit Summoning

Peppermint Present: Fragrant Steam
"Fill a cauldron with water and add fresh peppermint. Place the cauldron over a source of fire and warm it so that the aroma permeates the area."

Peppermint: Fresh Offering
"Remove peppermint leaves from their stems. Place them in an attractive bowl and set on a table or altar."

Henbane (Hyoscymus niger)

Medicinal Uses: {asthma, motion sickness, whooping cough } in pharmaceuticals.

Magickal Uses: love, rain spells

In A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year:
Henbane was used with mandrage in early Greek temples to induce a healing sleep.
It is also a classic component of the Witch's Flying Ointment, much like Belladonna (discussed here).
Picture from WhiteMagickAlchemy

In the Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells Henbane is listed for its use in rain spells.

Make It Rain (1)
"Allegedly throwing henbane into water brings rain."
(I guess it means running water or during a weather ritual into a chalice or cauldron)

Make It Rain (2)
"Burnign henbane is meant to stimulate rainfall. Unfortunately henbane's fumes are toxic so the actual logistics of this spell are problematic."

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