Sunday, October 7, 2012

Herbal Solstice Swap 2012

Herbal Solstice Swap 2012

A little while ago I ran into a thread on the PoppySwap community forum that discussed a group of 13 craft makers coming together to create products and swap them for last years Winter Solstice.
I sadly missed the opportunity to participate but that didn't stop me or the others that thought this was a great idea.

We started the Herbal Solstice Swap for 2012

If you're on PoppySwap and want to participate, it's super easy.
Join by commenting on the thread, so we know you're participating
Create 13 items
Send the items out by December 17th to the designated addresses that will later be given by e-mail
and receive 13 items.

Sounds like fun right?

I'm making a big batch of Hawthorn Heartache Elixir if that tempts anyone.

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