Saturday, September 29, 2012

Biggest Loser

My day job in a locally owned business isn't as interesting as my dream job as a Hedge Wife but it pays and I will be talking about it periodically on here.
Something that is rumored in the workplace to be coming up soon is a Biggest Loser contest amongst the co-workers. The holiday season is coming up, which means fatty, sugary treats and weight gain for most people. The rumor is, that the competition will start at the end of this month, which is causing some grumbling among my fellow employees.
I take it as an opportunity to keep myself accountable to the healthy eating principles I've adopt throughout my studies in the last year an a half/two years.

To get myself, and maybe some of the coworkers in the right mindset, I've collected a few weight-loss articles and also recommending a few books.

Marc David wrote a really amazing book called The Slow Down Diet that promotes de-stressing your diet and good health will follow. He wrote this article, Losing Weight: 4 Things That Work & 4 Things That Dont on the Institute for the Psychology of Eating website.

Along the same lines of not stressing about the diet and enjoying life as well as food, Kevin Gianni, author of High Raw, wrote this great article about an Unhealthy Meal...and it's not what you might think. (High Raw is one of my all time favorite books btw. It is what encouraged me to get moving on my dreams to become an herbalist and head towards my life goals). Also see his article on emotional eating, which includes an audio interview with Jon and Kevin's thought's afterwards.

Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Blueprint, is ending his 21 day transformation challenge right now with a contest for You (and me lol) to vote on our favorite Primal recipe video. The recipes, plus the free e-books available on his website, are very helpful for anyone who wants to try something new in their dietary experiments. The Primal Blueprint is my husband's favorite idea when it comes to diets and lifestyles. (we're both very into individualization when it comes to eating and usually prefer concepts and ideas over protocols and rulebooks but more on that later).

That's a lot of information for one little blog post. More to come, I promise.

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