Saturday, September 22, 2012

Herbal Give-a-way

Herbal Roots Zine is doing a give-a-way of a Prunella and Golden Birch elixir and Kiva Rose and Jesse Wolf Hardin's book I'm a Medicine Woman, Too!

The Elixir is multipurpose for inflammation and pain relief. "A dropperful can assist with overtaxed muscles sore from physical activity, tension headaches, and even the burning and discomfort associated with mild to moderate urinary tract infections. This combination is also especially useful when there are signs of excess liver heat and tension, including temper fits/outbursts of anger, a red tipped tongue, rapid pulse, frontal headache, bloodshot eyes, and bloating with a band of pain across the top of the abdomen."

The book was inspired by Kiva Rose's daughter Rhiannon and is a children's book to inspire young people to be interested in the healing herbs around them. Also included in the book is the Name That Herb game!

See more about the give a way at the Herb Roots Zine update!

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