Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is an Herbalist?

What is an Herbalist?
(This is a post in the works as I'm still learning what it means to be an Herbalist myself)

According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, herbs help us in various ways. Some are like superfoods that are “building blocks for the entire body” while others are used like drugs and “exert specific strengthening or stimulating effects” whiel still others cleanse, build up or even perform more than one function. Herbalists know that specific herbs are helpful in correcting certain disease states. The herbalist considers the whole person and the state of the overall system  and the basic formula is modified for the condition.

Marijah McCain, the founder of Herbal Healer Academy, of which I am a student, states in her lessons on Herbology that “The medicine that will survive into the future will be one of a non-aggressive nature. By this, I mean you will not have to be hurt, cut or drugged to be healed…Dietary changes, herbal therapies, Homeopathy and expanding self-awareness are all part of the Holistic Field of Medicine…the Holistic Approach to Medicine IS the Medicine of the Future and Herbs play a significant role in this transformation process.”
She later defines “Herbs are our foods and medicines, and they have been put on this earth for us to use…herbs are in tune with the Universal Life Giving Force and by utilizing the Potencies that they have, we are able to be healed and come closer to that Universal Life Force Energy balance within our own persona.”

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