Monday, October 8, 2012

Casper Bunnicula or Halloween Bunny is not for Easter

Today I adopted my very first pet rabbit.
His name is Casper Bunnicula...I'll get to that in a bit.

Casper is half Satin half Flemish Giant and a true albino complete with pink eyes.
He is as large as a house cat and very energetic is a little shy.
We adopted him form a small homestead out near Palmer where a lady had rescued a few Flemish Giants that were being mistreated and the female had mated with one of her Satins.

Now, about the name. Casper was the given name from his breeder as he is an albino and ghostly. Bunnicula came about when my friend reached into the cage and he bit her as he recoiled from her touch. I giggled and said he was my lil vampire as he curled up in my lap.
Thus Casper Bunnicula he was dubbed

I am so in love with this rabbit. I've been stressed recently and his snuggles have been a balm on my heart.

pictures coming soon
but until then...
here is an article about how house rabbits are eco-friendly pets

7 Ways Rabbits are Environmentally Friendly

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