Thursday, February 21, 2013

Upcoming Tarot Reading Sale

Hello everyone!

Ostara Tarot Reading Specials

As many of you may know, Ostara is coming up and I wanted to give all of my readers a  heads up on a sale I will be doing in honor of the holiday.

For Ostara all 3 of my tarot readings offered on Etsy will be marked down.
This includes my newest reading offered - the Baby to Be Reading!

Baby to Be Reading - marked down to $15
10 Card Celtic Cross Reading with the Thoth deck - marked down to $15
9 Card Wheel of the Year Reading (this time starting at Ostara) will be marked down to just $9!

If you've been wanting to get a reading from me, March is the time do to it!

Don't forget that my 3 Card Past Present Future reading with the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud is currently only $5, which is great for testing out how you like my reading style.

How do my readings work?

Once you order a reading through Etsy, send me your name and e-mail address through the comments section. I will do your reading as soon as I receive the information and take pictures of the reading to send to you along with the information gleaned.

Video Readings

I am currently testing out doing readings on a video. Right now, if you would like a video of my readings, let me know. I am offering free video readings to anyone who lets me post their video on my blog and on my upcoming YouTube channel. I will not use your name and I will keep to my promise of confidentiality. You'll just have to deal with me saying "You" a lot.

Rose Quartz Attunement

Currently 10% of my Rose Quartz Crystal Attunements will be going to the Universal Church of Light and Love to build a fund for free reiki healings, classes, group events, and more.

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