Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Metamorphosis Coaching Session with Mette Muller

Saturday, I listened to/watched a webinar called “5 Steps to Creating Your Sacred Business” by the Metamorphosis Coach Mette Muller. The webinar went along with some other things I’ve been reading and working on in regards to Sacred Business, Sacred Money, Sacred Economy and trying to figure out where I stood in this concept and where my business stood in it as well.

The webinar was amazing and if you hurry you can also get a download of the webinar HERE before it closes on Wednesday. If you have missed it, there is another webinar by Mette on Feb. 28th about Inner Work and Healers and their businesses.

While I really want you to go and listen to the Webinar if you can, I also want to share some of the key points that really stood out to me:
First, I love the term Spirit-prenuers. It makes me think of Spirit-pursuers, which I think is what we all are, in a way. Mette also defines Sacred Business as “Spiritual-based, Purpose-driven Business.” I LOVE That!

A little later in the Webinar she talks about the 4 Freedoms and one of those that really stood out to me was Freedom of Following My Intuition and Inner Guidance.

This was a matter that came up at my last 9-5 job that didn’t work out. A customer came in, and we got to talking. Turns out this man has cancer. I don’t know why he felt the need to tell me this (I was working at a Lighting Gallery so it wasn’t like I was in a shop where cancer was a common theme). I think he told me this because I  had something to tell him. I told him I had studied natural cancer treatments and I gave him a few sites to go to and people to look up. He was so GRATEFUL to have met someone who could talk to him about his cancer that didn’t automatically pity him or look at him like he was already on his death bed. Instead he met me, a person who gave him an idea, a direction when even his own doctors were giving up on him – and I was a Stranger, a receptionist in a lighting store!

I mention this because my Intuitive Guidance here got me into trouble that day. I was pulled aside by a higher up and reprimanded for “standing around” and “chit-chatting” with a customer. I felt horrible! I felt like not only were they saying it wasn’t ok for the customers to talk to me or me to talk to them but that the store could care less that their customer was a sick man who was simply looking for something to help him out. It was a painful notion.

It was then that I knew I wanted to work somewhere where my intuition and inner guidance was valued. If I needed to step aside and talk to a customer or a friend-to-be about what is going on with them, I wouldn’t be reprimanded, I was would acknowledged that my actions and words were helpful and appreciated. So this Freedom is one that really stuck out to me in the webinar.

The rest of the webinar all stuck out to me and spoke to my core. Mette give a roadmap to creating a business structure that really gets you where you need to go with details that I haven’t even seen in books on business building. She talks about fears and emotions around money and work, childhood and parental imprinting, and how we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to success.

I relay this webinar, not only because I think it is so helpful and has really set me towards the path I need to be on business-wise or purpose-wise, but because it was also how my day, today was set in motion.
After the webinar, Mette offered a 45 minute free business coaching chat with a select number of people who apply. She would read over the application and decide from your message whether or not you could or would be aided by a session with her. I filled it out, only half believing that she would accept it, and went on about my day with her words zooming around in my head.
I was accepted! I would be chatting with her February 25 at 11:30pm Alaskan time! I think I posted my enthusiasm twenty times on Facebook and Twitter ^_^

I woke up on the 25th to some issues in my apartment, dealt with them, then went back to bed. I didn’t want to literally wake up on the wrong side of the bed, so I went back, did some quiet meditation, checked my mood and made the decision to not let the aggravations of this morning effect the rest of the day. I snuggled the blankets and pillows, drew a card from my Fantastical Tarot deck and took a deep breath.

My card? The Queen of Wands. This was super significant as the Queen of Wands, especially in this , my favorite deck, is a card that I feel represents me. It is MY card. Today, this card came to me to remind me not to lose sight of who I am, my True Will, my Purpose in Life. What a beautiful card for today!

Around 4pm I did a meditation called Visualize a Message led by Holly Burger of Lightworkers Alliance and before I could even settle down in that meditation I got a message that I would need my agate with me. Confused but not willing to ignore that message, I stopped my meditation, got up and grabbed my agate off the bedside table where it sits with some petrified wood and my Buddhas and my Ganesh. I held the agate and did the meditation, I got some messages from my Higher Self and my Guides mostly about abundance and my Life Path, which I thought fitting for the things I’m dealing with now.

After the meditation I looked at my Agate and was asking myself, why did I need you? I looked at one of my crystal correspondence sheets, which had a TON of correspondences for agate but one by itself really stuck out to me. So I kept it in mind and held my agate and asked it if this was why I needed it near and it said yes. - Strengthens mind & body, provides courage. Assists one in recognizing truth and accepting circumstances. An amplifier of other crystals, especially during healing.
Just what I need right now!

So with all these messages I went forward to the voice chat with Metta Muller, excited and primed for change. 

I'm not gonna share every babbling word of the hour with Mette, only the key points. 

My Outer Work
These are the things I need to work on my business on the outside
1.) I need to find my Niche, what is is that I really want to focus on and where do I belong?
2.) I need to create a product that focuses on the end point, not the means of getting there

My Inner Work
These are the thought processes and mind sets that I need to work on
1.) My Relationship to Money 
2.) Self-Doubt
3.) Self Worth and Inner Value

Part of my Inner Work, I created a Crystal Grid to help me with Self-Worth and all these changes I'll be making and I decided to share it here. Sorry the video is wonky and choppy, I'm new to this and no idea about editing ^_^

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