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Emotional Chakra Healing: Root of the Problem

I recently read that the Root or Base chakra develops in the womb. This is a mind-blowing, world-changing concept because of connotation that this statement creates. The Root Chakra develops in the womb.

If you study Chakras or Chakra healing, you know that the Root Chakra is the focus of not only physical health but the basis of self-aware existence. Maslow’s Pyramid is built on the same concept of the Chakras (whether Maslow intended it to or not) and the bottom foundation of the pyramid is made up of all things people need in order to sustain themselves on this physical plane – food, water, shelter/safety, sex; the basic rights to all living creatures. Now, take that in relation to the Root Chakra – the basic rights of living creatures are developed in the womb.

When I was reading about this, some examples of basic rights that the Root Chakra stood for, one thing stood out to me – the Right to Exist. I was just struck by the concept. The Root Chakra, the Right to Exist (or at least the concept of the Right), was developed in the womb.

As I pondered this concept, which took the better part of a day, I made a connection that put me on the path of healing my own closed and imbalanced Root Chakra. It all came down to an If-And-Then equation.

If the Root Chakra represents the Right to Exist, 
and the Root Chakra develops in the womb, 
then children born to parents who do not want them are born 
without the concept of a Right to Exist.

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking – how did you conclude that? How in the world did this help you with your own imbalance?

Our Root and Sacral Chakras are directly connected with our birth-mothers, because we existed as a part of her Root and Sacral Chakra for 9 months. Because of this connection, our birth-mothers have a direct B-line to our inner-selves, our whole Chakra system (and we have this connection to them as well). When our mothers have deep, emotional reactions during pregnancy, our growing and developing bodies react to them as well.

Pregnant mothers know this to be true. Any time her heart starts pounding, her adrenaline or other emotional chemicals start pumping, her baby feels it and reacts by kicking or moving or squirming.
Now, consider the ways a mother’s emotions could affect the development of the Root Chakra at this important stage if her emotions affect her baby. Consider how certain thought forms could travel down into her womb and imprint themselves on her child.

Now I want to give you all an example of a beautiful thought form that could imprint itself on the baby and help it grow and develop in a good way:

I have always wanted you! You are my Miracle! I love you! I cannot wait to see you and meet you!

Beautiful huh? Imagine how it would feel if someone you were soulfully connected to said that to you. You would feel so loved, right?

Now, I’m going to write a thought form that has the opposite effect and can stunt the development or imbalance it:

I never wanted you! You are a Mistake! I wish you had never been created!

This is a thought form generated by thousands of mothers who become pregnant on “accident.” I say accident here in quotations because I think its and odd phrase, “accidental birth,” because, to me, an accident is falling down or making a bath too hot – not having sex and creating a child in a world full of forms of contraceptives. One does not “accidentally” have sex. This is not meant to be snarky in any way, it’s just my thoughts on an odd turn of phrase that is popular in today’s culture.

I am an “Accident”

My mother, like many mothers today, was a teenager when she became pregnant with me. She was unprepared for the responsibility of having a child and, while my grandmother supported her financially, there was very little emotional support for her in a time and place when unwed mothers were frowned upon and in a small town where everyone knew everyone’s business.

I wasn’t fully aware of it until I was fourteen, but my mother did not want me. She considered having an abortion but was pressured out of it by a family that was Pro-Life. When I was born she was unable to cope with the idea of giving me up for adoption, though I’m sure the family had some say in this as well. She suffered from postpartum depression, like many mothers do.

I soon developed colic and, from what I was told, I continued to have colic the majority of my first year until it was finally learned that I was lactose-intolerant. During this time, my mother’s depression was being medicated but not under control. From what I was told at fourteen, my mother left me alone one day to scream my colic out in the bedroom and left the house. She broke down crying and prayed, something that, at that time, she hardly ever did. She told God that if He wanted “this baby” to live, He would have to take care of me Himself.

After this my mother left me in the care of my grandmother while she went to get professional help and, then later joined the military so that I didn’t have my biological mother in my life full-time until I was almost a teenager.
I also later learned that she became pregnant again and had an abortion.

I remember thinking at fourteen years old, very clearly, 
“She should have aborted me.”

Looking back on that time in my life now, ten years later, I just can’t help but think, Wow. How could that thought cross my mind? How could I wish to not have ever have been born? Looking at my life now, my husband and my girlfriend, my friends and my loved ones, even by mending relationship with my mother, I just can’t feel that way and it is even hard to recall the emotion I had just 10 years ago.

Now that I’ve studied reiki, chakra therapy, and other forms of healing, I can start to wrap my head around what was going on from a different and therapeutic angle. I was able to take a step back and remove myself from the problem for just a moment to think about it with a rational mind unclouded by the emotions surrounding the subject before going back in to fully experience the situation and the healing that needed to be done.

My depression and negative thought forms were a result of imbalances in my energy system, most emphatically in the very root of that system, the Root Chakra – the Right to Exist.
My Root Chakra had been directly affected by my mother’s thoughts during pregnancy, most notably, the thoughts that centered on an unwanted pregnancy. I was then born without the concept of the Right to Exist. This absence of concept led me to, fourteen years later, to when my throat chakra was developing, to put into words this lack of right – I should not exist.

Now that I knew the problem and its source, what do I do? How could the healing begin?
I was in so much pain, and hadn’t even realized it. I just wanted it to stop at first. Then, I through my herbal studies, I learned that suppressing the issue by stopping the pain was not a cure. I was suppressing the symptoms of my emotional issues by developing an eating disorder, by separating myself emotionally form other people, and by shutting down in other chakras and their emotions. I was stunting myself and I needed help.

Help came, slowly, over the years. I would pick up a meditation here, a lesson there until it all came down to reading that simple phrase – The Root Chakra develops in the womb. Eureka!

No, I didn’t go back to my mother and accuse her of any of my own emotional problems. That most certainly would not have fixed the problem. Instead, I had to work on myself and my own view of the situation. I had to heal that part of myself connected to her so that it could not only never hurt me again but so that it could be used to perhaps help others in my situation and, maybe, help my mother too as she still suffers from time to time from the decisions she made regarding my birth and upbringing.

Forms of Root Chakra Healing


A particular meditation helped me in this situation and it is one that I learned from an interview or video (can’t remember exactly) of Angela Stokes-Monarch. This meditation can also be used to aid or heal the Heart Chakra as well.

Settle yourself in your normal meditation stance. If you’re new to meditation, simply find a comfortable position sitting or lying down. If you need music, play something soothing and quiet in the background. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Then, visualize yourself as a baby, a small pink fetus in your mother’s womb. The womb is warm and comforting. See your umbilical cord, your connection to your mother. Imagine it filling with bright light as you make your connection to her. Now, state the following in your mind or out loud, “I love you. I thank you. I am sorry. I forgive you.” Say this over and over and as you say it, imagine the words and their emotions traveling from your body, through that umbilical cord and into your mother. Keep the mantra going until you start to feel that bond between your mother and yourself mend and fill with love and light.

To use this meditation for easing familial karma, further it by visualizing your mother in your grandmother’s womb. Send the mantra again to mend that bridge. Then do the same with your grandmother in her mother’s womb. Go back as far as you can. In each mediation session, those bonds will better mend and grow stronger in love and you will be able to go back further.

Affirmations and Decisions
As I dealt with depression from my Root Chakra imbalance, I started making choices. One of those choices was to not seek medical help (please do not take this as advice for you not to seek help). In making that choice, I had to make other choices. The most important choice is one I make every single day upon waking. I consciously make the decision to be happy. I tell myself I will be happy today. I will not let myself wake up and go about my day letting the emotions, actions, attitudes of others or even myself effect how I act.

My Affirmations:

I am a child of the Divine. I am a daughter of the Goddess. All that she created is perfect. I am perfect.
I will be happy today. I will not repress my emotions. I will not let them decide how I will treat others. I will not let them decide how I treat myself.

Other decisions I have to make through the day vary. One of them is in relation to my eating disorder. When I find myself in the kitchen, I turn inward and ask myself why I am there. Am I hungry? When was it I last ate? Am I eating for emotional reasons rather than physical ones? What else could I do right now in order to spend this emotional energy rather than eat?

Sometimes life is just full of decisions like this. Other times, these decisions are so much of a habit that they are ingrained into my being – I don’t even realize I’m making that choice.

Grounding Exercise

Stand erect with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes a little in. (Take your shoes off so you can feel the floor under you.)

Push into your feet as if you were attempting to push the ground apart stuck between your feet. You will feel a firmness come into your legs as you do this. This arrives from pushing down into your feet.
Once you can experience that strength, you are prepared to start on the exercise.
Breathe in extremely and bend your knees, letting your belly rest.

Now breathe out and push into your feet s-l-o-w-l-y, approaching as you did before and let your legs to gradually straighten. Do not let them unbend all the way, but bend them once more and breathe in as you go downward into your legs.

Push another time in opposition to the floor as you breathe out, pushing your power downward through your body.
Do not entirely unbend your legs, keep inhalation, and be in motion unhurriedly.

If you are doing this in the approved manner, you will begin to feel a deliberate vibration in your legs as you thrust in opposition to the floor. This vibration is the reflection of energy is in motion through your legs and into your first chakra. It can be used to push out blocks, to augment your intelligence of communication with your body, or to plainly make you feel conscious and revitalized.

It is likely to get charge too much; however, so work out caution in how long you keep this up. If you get overcharged and experience uneasiness, put your feet in a heap of cushions or stir your body, or let out what on earth feelings are taking place.

Energy Healing

Use Reiki or Sekhem healing directly on your Root Chakra. Energy healing can mend imbalances in the chakras, set them spinning in the right direction, and even give them energy boosts when needed.
This can be done by a Reiki or Sekhem Professional Practitioner or by yourself if you have at least Level 1 attunement. If you are attuned and, rather than doing the full self-treatment, you would like to focus healing on the Root Chakra, practice the following positions:

Place hands on hips, finger tips pointing down between the legs without touching the sex organ. Your hands should be in a V-shape. Send energy into the body. This hand position aids the Root and Sacral Chakra.
While siting, place hands on/under the bottom, near the tail bone. Send energy into the area around the tail bone – this sends the energy directly into the Root Chakra.

If you would like to use Reiki symbols, “write” with your finger on your palms Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Cho Ku Rei. These will aid in empowering the Chakra and in the emotional healing of the imbalance.
If you practice Sekhmet Sekhem, I highly recommend this energy for Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus healing and balancing.

Crystal/Flower Energy Healing

Crystals that aid in the development and balancing of the Root Chakra are Hematite, Garnet, Onyx (black), Red Jasper, and Tourmaline (black)

  • Hematite - Balances yin-yang energy. Treats nervous disorders. Transforms negativity into love. Has Grounding properties. Hematite helps you to realize that the only limitations there are, are those you create for yourself.
  • Garnet – Protects by sealing the aura and reflecting negative energies whilst at the same time, filling the aura with Universal force. Self-empowering. Aids those who feel they do not have the strength, ability or knowledge to fulfill their spiritual path. Overcomes disempowered states of being. A plentiful, energising crystal. Balances the sex-drive and provides emotional support whilst doing so. A crystal for calm people as it can enhance angry moods. Black Garnet is especially good for the Root Chakra (as opposed to Red Garnet).
  • Onyx – Soothes edgy, nervous people. Excellent for those who worry too much. Onyx, according to Scott Cunningham, is a projective stone (rather than being receptive), meaning that the stone sends out an emotion or energy rather than drawing one in. It sooths and balances by discarding, rejecting, and banishing non-beneficial energies.'
  • Red Jasper – A grounding crystal. Some people find hematite too strong. Red Jasper is the perfect alternative. It soothes and brings information from deep within. Brings hidden problems to light before they get too big, helps to find new coping strategies, provides insights to difficult situations. Steers wearer through mid-life crisis to aid getting back on track; aids in changing insecurity into security.
  • Black Tourmaline – Grounding and protective, powerfully deflects negative energy from within or without. It is used for grounding/centering purposes and to represent the Earth. Tourmaline is a unique stone in that it can become polar (one end attracts and the other repels) so that even Ethereal Tourmaline has these properties that it both attracts and repels – in this case attracting protection and balanced energy and repelling negativity and non-beneficial energies.

‘Flower Essences for the Root Chakra:
Mustard for deep gloom for no (known) reason
Rock Water for self-repression
Pine for blaming yourself for other people’s mistakes
Willow for resentment

Effects of Healing on Root Chakra
You may feel a very slight burning or tingling, or a cramping, like you have been riding a bicycle for too long, to begin with. Once it is working properly, you will feel a gentle pulsing or throbbing between your legs, at the site of the chakra.

The importance of starting with the Root Chakra when healing yourself of Chakra imbalances, even emotional ones, is that the Root is the Base Chakra, the Base of the Chakra System. It is the Foundation for all Chakra healing to come. 


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  2. According to Lee, each chakra is interconnected, so opening one chakra will become an important foundational step for the development of another chakra. That said, each chakra has to be given equal time and thought for development, otherwise, the individual who only chooses to give more importance to one particular chakra will demonstrate an ineffectual form of spirituality.

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  3. Nice post. Just have one suggestion.

    In your Affirmations, you say 'I will not repress my emotions. I will not let them decide how I will treat others. I will not let them decide how I treat myself.'

    I would suggest you to use positive statements like 'I am free to express my emotions. I am free to be who I want to be.'

    Avoid negations in affirmations.

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