Friday, February 22, 2013

Fox News Situation Update

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I just wanted to post an update to the Fox News Situation for those following my blog and interested. (To read my initial post about the Fox News Report, CLICK HERE). There has been so much outcry from the Pagan and Wiccan community over this that it is both good and bad. The good is that the Pagan community as a whole has come together asking for equal treatment to any other religion and anything that brings people together is cool in my book. However, there have also been some people in and out of the community that have used this situation to create further conflict not only between the Pagan and Christian communities but within the Pagan community itself.

I think Tip Tow Chick put things very concisely about some backlash she got from the Pagan community about a video she did in response to Fox News called Pressures of Conforming. I think she has a good point in telling Pagans not to be so critical of other Pagans about what they believe. We cannot expect understanding and kindness from others if we do not practice it ourselves.

That all being said, I've seen some amazing blog posts and video posts in response to this situation.
I think one of my favorite videos is from Hibiscus Moon in her Fox News Response to Wiccan Holidays Report who calls Fox News out on their bullying and use of a situation to send a message out that it is somehow ok to make fun of a minority group because they are small in number.

Tucker apologized to the Pagan and Wiccan commpunity on twitter for his nasty remarks made on the show.

Tucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson
To Wiccans and pagans: Sorry for my pointlessly nasty remarks. Your holidays still confuse me, but you seem like nice people.
10:45 PM - 19 Feb 13

While this is a step in the rigth direction, I do still think it would be appropriate for Fox News to at least state that they did not research their "facts" for the show, that the news anchors obviously did not even read their own article except for the head line or maybe only watched the Tammy Bruce segment. While I didn't expect an apology at all - which was actually decent of Carlson to make (even if it was only on Twitter) - I do think that a News channel should at least hold their anchors to reporting just that, factual news.

I hope everyone who is keeping up with this keeps in mind what is important - that this isn't about Pagans vs Christians or Liberals vs Conservatives, this is simply about the right for Pagans to be treated as any other followers of any other religion.

Love and Light

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  1. I was appalled at the remarks made by the Fox presenters,it just showed total ignorance on their part, and I am quite sure that had they attacked any other life path or religion there would of been total outcry.
    It really does make me sad that even after all these years the majority of people still do not understand Paganism at all.
    Paganism in itself is not a religion but an umbrella term encompassing many different beliefs and religions and as a rule includes all religions or faiths that do not adhere to or follow any one of the three main monotheistic faiths, so taking that into consideration about half of the worlds population is in fact Pagan.
    And as for them singling out Wiccans, that was totaly unacceptable. I myself am not a follower of Wicca, I am a tradiional Witch, but I have never met a Wiccan yet who hasn't been kind hearted and good, and far from the image that they painted.


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