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40 Enochian Questions

The Enochian Workbook by Gerald and Betty Schueler

Comes with 43 lessons and the lessons are split into 11 different sections:
Section 1: The history of Enochian Magic and the basic sources for all Enochian information
Section 2: The Angelic Alphabet: how the language is spoken and gematria methods
Section 3: The main terms and ideas of Enochian Magic such as Watchtowers and Aethyrs
Section 4: Magical weapons and how to make and use them
Section 5: Talismans and magic squares and how to make them
Section 6: Nine rituals of Enochian Magic and how to conduct them
Section 7: Two magical techniques of skyring: skrying using a crystal and skrying in the Spirit Vision
Section 8: Enochian Chess: history of the game, its purpose and how to play
Section 9: Enochian Tarot: description, several spreads for divination and new meditations
Section 10: Enochian Physics: the laws and models used to determine the laws behind how the magic works
Section 11: How to call on an Enochian Angel: a step-by-step method

I’ll probably share more about the tarot methods in later posts as I get to them.
Each section is followed by a collection of questions (answers are in the back to check with after finished). I thought it would be really fun to ask some of the questions here and see who can get them right!

40 Enochian Questions
1. How would you define magic?
2. List the primary differences between science and magic
3. List the three Laws of Magic
4. True or False: John Dee was an authority on mathematics, navigation, astronomy, optics, astrology, and natural magic.
5. True or False: the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn adopted the magical system developed by John Dee and Edward Kelly.
6. Who was the first person to visit all 30 Aethyrs?
7. What are the Cosmic Planes of Manifestation?
8. Name the 5 most important Tablets of Enochian Magic
9. True or False: The Mental Plan is the Watchtower of Air.
10. List at least four signposts for the Lesser Squares of Earth of Earth.
11. Name the planet that is associated with each of the four Watchtowers
12. True or False: Egyptian deities are only found in the Lesser Squares of the four Watchtowers
13. True or False: Demons are only found in the Lesser Squares of the four Watchtowers.
14. Who is the Egyptian Goddess of the Dog Star?
15. What is the name of the 10th Aethyr and why is this Aethyr so important?
16. Name the Angel who designed the Enochian magical ring.
17. What Egyptian deity governs Square N of OPNA in the subquadrant Earth of Earth?
18. What are the names of the 4 main Kerubic Angels of the Watchtower of Air?
19. What is the difference between a talisman and an amulet?
20. What is a Magical Dragon?
21. What Calls should be made to address the Angel PALAM in the subquadrant Water of Air?
22. What is the Call for the 29th Aethyr, RII?
23. What does the Sign of Rending the Veil signify?
24. What magical sign should you use when vibrating a name?
25. Why are signposts necessary when skrying the Watchtowers and Aethyrs?
26. Which subtle body corresponds to the Watchtower of Fire?
27. How many Governors are in TEX? What are their names?
28. What is the first Aethyr every student should enter first?
29. True or False: the Tarot deck is a powerful tool which is capable of harm if used in too light a manner.
30. How does the Enochian Tarot deck mirror the Magical Universe?
31. Each Cosmic Plan is divided into how many subplanes?
32. What is Fohat?
33. What is the First Enochian Axiom?
34. What is the first Ordeal of the Enochian Dragon?
35. True or False: It is easy to invoke Enochian Angels.
36. What are the Names of Power that are spoken during an invocation?
37. What are the names of the two Sephirothic Cross Angels of the Earth subquadrant of the Watchtower of Earth?
38. What is used to determine the sigil of a Watchtower Angel?
39. What color do you trace the invoking pentagram for an Earth Angel?
40. True or False: If an invocation is successful, an entity will appear before you and converse with you.

If you answer these questions and want to compare them with the answers in the book, just e-mail me the request at
Hedgewife (at) yahoo (dot) com
I’d be happy to give you the book answers and discuss them with you.

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