Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Every Day a Ritual – Evening

Human’s need rituals. This is the conclusion I’ve come to after years of studying religions, faith, people, psychology, cultures, and just watching people in all settings, in all walks of life.

Now, let me clarify that by ritual I don’t necessarily mean a religious rite or sermon. By ritual I mostly mean a habit. Daily rituals are good, healthy, fulfilling habits done every day that help your emotional, physical and spiritual growth. This could be as simple as a cup of chamomile tea after a long day at work or as elaborate as every weekend you create an at-home spa for yourself, shut down all technological outlets, and just relax and detox from negativity.

Here are some daily rituals that I have and I want to make clear that I’m not posting these to tell you that you should do them – NOT AT ALL! You should make your own rituals, ones that are unique to you! I post these only to inspire you and better explain how important these small acts are to me.
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Evening Revelations

Evenings are family time for me. It is the time when I go to my girlfriend’s derby bouts, visit with close friends, eat dinner together (even if we’re all having something different), snuggle up together, or just lounge and be together.

Evenings are also the time in which my brain goes into social mode. I am on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Pinterest, Witch School and Temple Illuminatus chat, and so on. I’m catching up with what was going on in the world that day, posting on my blog to share my own insanity, answering e-mails and forum posts. If there are any new videos posts on YouTube from my subscriptions, I watch them. I read the blog posts that I follow. I connect with the world around me. This all usually happens while the three of us play a movie in the background, which may be noise pollution or mental anxiety but it is something that can draw us out of our online world even if it is just a moment to laugh together or discuss something that just happened in our peripheral vision.

This is also the time I do readings, if any are ordered. I retreat to the bedroom and lay out my cards, take pictures, spend time writing up the reading so that I get exactly what I need to get across and send them out to you, my readers.

I usually end my day with a bath or shower. This is my time to visualize any irritations, negativity, non-beneficial energies being washed off of me like so much dirt and spiraling down the drain to reconnect with Mother Earth who will transform them to something more beneficial in the long run. Sometimes I do another Reiki self-treatment in the shower, this one a shorter one that usually focuses on the upper body and major chakras.

I come out of the shower, fresh and warm; drink a mug of tea; finish up my day if I have any loose strings; prepare for bed with my lovies.

Concluding my Rituals

These are all my rituals that get me through my day. They are by no means anything I recommend for others. Please find rituals as unique as you are. They are by no means set in stone. They can change from week to week, month to month, year to year. I may no longer drink a pot of tea a day just as I no longer drink 3 pots of coffee a day. I might start using flower essences and ethereal flowers instead of crystals and reiki in my water. I might start showering of a morning for rejuvenation instead of in the evening for relaxation. I may magically become a morning person…not likely…but I might.

I seriously don’t expect to have these same rituals AT ALL if/when we move, have kids, have financial or employment changes, etc. That all is in the future and, while I plan on it like the Sagittarius I am, I am not bothering to change my rituals for it just yet.

The point of these posts is to show you what I do. Now I want to see what you do. If you write a Make Every Day a Ritual post, please share it with me here in the comments or post it on Twitter with #EveryDayRituals

I can’t wait to read all of your sacred rituals.

Love and Light

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