Monday, February 11, 2013

Event Tarot Readings

Last night I went to a party hosted by some friends and while I was there I did four tarot readings for friends who had never had their cards read before. While I didn’t charge for these readings, I saw this as an opportunity to read for people that would 1. Give me their honest opinion of the reading and 2. Take this experience to do a little free-advertising for me (which I saw at the party after).

The deck I used was my favorite, the Fantastical Tarot. I was a little wary of bringing and using this deck at first because the art is a little dark, sometimes too dark for some people. However, it is my favorite deck and I wanted to use something I had a bond with when reading for people who are skeptical.
I read for three of four of the querents in a cabin just outside the main house where the party was being hosted. I’m glad for this because some of the issue that showed up in the cards were personal in nature and not something I would have wanted aired to a room full of people.

The first reading was for one of my closest friends who has always wanted her cards read but never did because most people seem to want a lot of money for something she was skeptical of anyways. Despite her skepticism, she was very excited about the reading. While I’m not comfortable sharing what was told in the reading, I will say that I think a lot of good advice was given from the cards for her.
Her husband was another of the querents and he seemed genuinely impressed and helped by what was said during his reading. While I think both of them were aware of what was going on and the advice given, I think its always good to hear it from an unbiased party and that the readings helped them sort this through.

The other two readings I wasn’t expecting at all.
One was from a person I had never met before but, turns out, we have a lot in common in that we are both in training to become officiates in our pagan paths and that we both have a connection to Sekhmet. This even came up in the reading and gave me chills.
She truly enjoyed the reading and was encouraged by some of what the cards said to her.

The last person I read for was my most nerve wracking reading. It was in the main house and therefore we had a few onlookers, one of which was the host of the party who seemed super skeptical of what was being said…which made me even more nervous and my nerves probably effected my readings badly, for that, I apologize to my final querent.
Despite my nerves, I was able to get across what the cards were saying in regards to her business and personal goals which was apparently something she really needed to hear. After I read, and she took notes on her phone, she confessed that up until 3 months ago she was a hard core Scientific Athiest and ever since she has carved out a space in her mind for spirituality. She has even been gifted a deck of divination cards and bought a deck of tarot cards which she is now studying.
We talked about spirituality briefly and that I am also practicing Reiki. She seemed excited about this prospect and we are in the process of setting up a Reiki session for her to experience.

All in all I’m very glad I decided to do this and in a public venue as it has gotten me back into the swing of things since I haven’t read at an event since 2009!
I also learned a lot too – mostly not to get nervous just because someone is a skeptic. This is my chance to show them what the cards can really say and if they continue to be a skeptic after that, it is most likely that nothing I would have said or done would have changed their mind anyways.

Love and Light,

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