Sunday, February 24, 2013

Make Every Day a Ritual – Mid-day

Human’s need rituals. This is the conclusion I’ve come to after years of studying religions, faith, people, psychology, cultures, and just watching people in all settings, in all walks of life.

Now, let me clarify that by ritual I don’t necessarily mean a religious rite or sermon. By ritual I mostly mean a habit. Daily rituals are good, healthy, fulfilling habits done every day that help your emotional, physical and spiritual growth. This could be as simple as a cup of chamomile tea after a long day at work or as elaborate as every weekend you create an at-home spa for yourself, shut down all technological outlets, and just relax and detox from negativity.

Here are some daily rituals that I have and I want to make clear that I’m not posting these to tell you that you should do them – NOT AT ALL! You should make your own rituals, ones that are unique to you! I post these only to inspire you and better explain how important these small acts are to me.
Be sure to check out my Morning Ritual, which also has a link to a whole book of Morning Rituals for Morning Goddess!

Mid-day Offerings

My mid-day may not be your mid-day. I usually wake up late, around noon, as I am a night owl. So, my mid-day is usually starts at 1-3pm.

These rituals are not as set in my body’s memory as the morning ones are. My mid-day changes depending on what is going on in my reality. It is the most hectic part of the day or it can be the most calm part of my day.

If my lovies are out or at work, it is quiet. I walk to dog, I snuggle the cat. I make myself a pot of hot water for tea (spicy chai with vanilla soy milk in winter, lemongrass green tea with honey in summer). Tea is an important part of my day. I used to be a caffeine addict. I drank 3 pots of regular coffee a day, energy drinks, Mountain Dew, you name it. Slowly and with many care towards headaches, I worked my way off my addiction. Now, I enjoy my tea with a little sweetening and lots of love.

If I have homework or an essay or exam I work on that at this time. I turn on the music and get to work on our huge couch, window open beside me to let air through (in winter and summer) and the cat and dog curled up around me.

If I’m motivated, I might do some belly dancing. This usually consists of an hour of listing to Faun or Shiva in Exile and practicing basic belly dancing moves or just slipping into sacred dancing and letting inspiration and spirit guide me. This usually gets the dog and cat into a fun frenzy and wanting to play and snuggle afterwards as I gulp down more crystal/reiki water.

If my lovies are home, and we have not current plans, we use this time to talk about anything that needs discussion. This can be as simple as what do we want for dinner, do we need to get anything at the store today, are the library books due soon. This can be as elaborate as relationship processing (a must-do for poly-families), month-long event planning for super busy months, and financial meetings. I like doing this at mid-day because we’re all three awake and usually in a better mood. If it is postponed till later, the processing has a tendency to go south.

I also take a moment at Mid-day to figure out what I’m going to do later. If I don’t have any tasks set (an exam, an event, dinner with friends, etc) then I make a plan. It is a loose plan because I never know what my lovies will bring home for me to mentally/emotionally process. Plans like this might include crafts like crochet or beading, reading a library book, making a big dinner (usually only if I KNOW my lovies are coming home with no other plans), making a crystal grid or even doing a tarot reading for myself or to surprise someone I care about with.

This is probably my most productive part of the day. Even if I’m not at home – I’m getting something done out in the big world.

(Looking back on what I just wrote – that was a lot of if’s. Haha. As you can see, there’s nothing set-in-stone or concrete about my days and really, that’s how I love them even if I am a planner.)

What does your day consist of? Write about it, link back to here, post it on Twitter with #EveryDayRitual I can’t wait to read them!

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