Friday, January 4, 2013

Unlocking Mystic Psychic Course

Hello Readers,

I wanted to share with you all today a course that I am trying out on a limited trial basis through Unlocking Mystic. The trial is for their Psychic course and I learned about this trial through their newsletter. Here, let me show you:

Dear friends,

We've finally decided that for an exclusive time, Unlocking Mystic is giving out a special trial offer of the Unlocking Your Psychic Potential Course, for the price of only $1.

Trial members will gain entry to the exclusive psychic material, including the number one key formula to psychic ability (which is covered in Lesson 5). You will gain access to five lessons and three psychic meditation videos, which are specially formulated for transition into deep psychic states of mind. The lessons will cover the basics of psychic ability and transcending deeper mind states, and will prepare you for more advanced techniques later on such as mind reading, telepathy, future sight, clairvoyance, and spirit contact. It is important to get the basics down for a solid foundation, and then innate psychic ability will manifest as a result of those good basics.  

Why are we doing this? We want people to know more about what we do, what we teach, and what you could possibly glean from it to use in your own life. There's no hidden fees and you won't be charged for anything else other than just the one dollar. If you've wanted a small taste and feel for what the real course is going to be like, but don't want to commit to doing the whole thing just yet, this offer is for you. But the positions are filling in fast for the trial offer, and it won't last forever. 

If you're truly interested in what we have to offer, please click here.

I thought, ok, what the hell, why not? I can spare a $1 right?
So I'm signed up and starting. I wanted to give you all a heads up about what's going on, give you a chance to get in on this offer, AND I plan to review the trial course at the end of the week for you all who are curious but unwilling to dip your toe in just yet.

Blessed Be,

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  1. Hi, I am interested in this trial course unfortunately the web site is not available when I click the link--If you're truly interested in what we have to offer, please click here.---could you please email me back at


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