Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ethereal Flowers Attunement

Hello Everyone,

Today I received  a very special attunement - Ethereal Flowers 1-2.
This attunement allows me to create energetically infused flower remedies - very similar to Bach Flower Remedies - for a variety of needs like fear, fatigue, jealousy, and even a Rescue Remedy.

The attunement was given tome by Priestess Maighread Birdsong of Phoenix Rising Reiki. The lineage of this attunement is Pamala Caddy to Luci Jonston to Maighread Birdsong to Me!

I'm very excited to have received this attunement and have been using it for myself, my family, even my cat.

In other related news:

I have recently signed up for another attunement, also through Phoenix Rising Reiki - this one is from Luci Jonston who is offering "Egyptian Reiki/Sekhem/Seichim Series by donation!" You can view this offered event at their website Phoenix Rising Reiki.
I hope you will join us!

Love and Light



  1. I have lots of Reiki attunements which I now give free of charge at my site Maighread's Mystic Garden. If you are interested please join and I will share any and all that I have with you. Bright Blessings...~M~

  2. Hi, I am Keen on learning the Reiki attunement for Bach flowers. Pls guide


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