Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magical Names

I just took the first part of a course through Witch School regarding Magical Names.
For those of you curious about what a Magical Name is and aren't sure about what it is
The lesson stated:

What is a Magical Name?

~ A magical name is a pseudonym or an alias we use for a person place or thing, in this case dealing with the magical realm. 
~  A magical name can be used to shift consciousness to our higher self. The sound and vibration of a word can help to increase power. Certain names can invoke images, feelings and even strong emotion when they are said aloud. Simply put, a magical name is anything we want to give extra energy to. 
~  A magical name is like a nickname. The names that people will come to know you by, which is not, in most cases, your given birth name. 
~   A magical name is one which we can choose for our selves that draws on our better qualities. 
~  Our names can be shared at certain times of the year or only with particular people in your temple or circle of friends. 
~  A magical name can work in the same way as a charm; to open or to close a thing, or to protect someone or something. 
~  Our magical names are, to some degree, secret names and can be kept secret if one wishes it to be. 
~   A magical name helps to protect your real identity from would-be bashers.

I like the idea of a magical name as far as a verbal or auditory key to reach head space for a ritual and the fact that it does lend a sense of anonymity when the witch may not be completely out of the broom closet/cupboard under the stairs...

While taking the class, I'm thinking about what my Magical Name could be if I choose one.
I'd like to have one calculate to my numerology number 8 as well as correlate to my legal name as well as my love for herbalism and energy work.
I was thinking Wynter Hedgerider but I don't want to sound hokey...I dunno I'll have to think about that one.

I was curious about how others in the magical community might feel about magical names. I know not everyone uses them or could feel hot or cold about the idea.
So, I started a POLL, which you can find at the top right hand corner of this blog. Please respond to the poll. It will be up until the first of February.
After that I'll probably write another post about it and some more information about Magical Names later.

Green Blessings,

The HedgeWife

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