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The Herbal Tarot - 2 The High Priestess - Peony

The Herbal Tarot – 2 The High Priestess – Peony

The Herbal Tarot booklet:

Peony (Paeonia alibiflorae) –
Peony is the herb of intuition. An antispasmodic and emmenogogue, peony is commonly used in gynecology. The root promotes internal circulation and relieves spasms. (Moon)

Symbolically used for: Tension. Nervousness. Worry. Holding back to the detriment of one’s self-expression. Tendency to menstrual cramps.

Divinatory Meanings: Intuition. Mystery. Inability to express oneself outwardly. Inner knowledge. Wisdom. The yin, or feminine principle. Beauty and grace.

Reverse Meanings: Shyness. Timidity. Inhibition. Lack of self-esteem.

According to the Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray

The High Priestess

“Seated between two pillars from the Temple of Solomon – the black pillar of Boaz representing the negative life force, and the white one, Jachin, the positive life force.

The High Priestess is protecting on her lap a scroll of esoteric wisdom inscribed with the word Tora (Divine Law), for it is not for all eyes to see. The solar cross on her breast, with arms of equal length, represents the balance of the positive and negative forces.

The veil between the pillars is decorated with pomegranates (female) and palms (male) – symbols indicating that the subconscious is potentially reproductive.

The edge of her gown, which balances the crescent moon at her feet, trails out of the picture, indicating the stream of consciousness, which flows into the background of Key 3, the Empress, and reappears in later cards.

The High Priestess is the virgin daughter of the moon, and wears on her head the symbol of the full moon, with a waxing and waning image of the moon on each side. She is the eternal feminine, sometimes called Isis or Artemis. She corresponds to all the virgin goddesses of the ancient world, even to Eve before her union with Adam. She is spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination. Whereas the Fool and the Magician represent only the potentiality, the will to create, the High Priestess has the latent power to manifest. She is the link between the seen and the unseen.”


Pictured is a Fairy Magic Attraction Orb made with Peony and lemon balm sold by Crystal Light Works on Etsy. 

"Carry Peony Root for good Luck. Peony is useful for treating Epilepsy. It has a long-standing Reputation for its Health-giving Qualities. When worn as a Necklace, often with Coral and Flint, the dried Root of a Peony protects sleeping Women from Incubi. Peony Roots also facilitate the growth of Children’s Teeth. Peony Roots strung together on Necklaces and then worn around the Neck or placed over Cradles will protect young Children from the Magick and Mischief of Fairies. When burned as an Incense, Peony will protect those who travel on the Water from Storms." (Source)

"In Taoism and such other Chinese folk religions flowers do not just represent beauty,
but are also the symbols of life, happiness,and fertility.
"Sho Yu" is the Chinese name for the peony. It means “most beautiful”. It’s fitting that the
lovely peony is often used as a metaphor for female beauty.For the Chinese, Peony is 
a most auspicious flower.They symbolize prosperity, happiness and peace and are regarded
as an omen of good fortune.
Chinese peony paintings are often hung in the home for good luck and in the office for a 
prosperous business. It is the flower of riches and honor. Pictured in full bloom, the peony 
symbolizes peace.
The peony is used as a in Feng Shui cure
for love and romance. This is said to apply especially to pink peonies. They can assist in attracting an ideal mate, enhancing your love life, and in having a lucky marriage.Feng Shui “cures” are alterations in your 
environment that result in desired life changes." (

The pictured Peony is from AstroEssence on Etsy for their Peony Natural Flower Essence Remedy made by energetically imprinting Peony Flowers onto their remedy. 

"Protection from hexes and jinxes. Good luck, good fortune, prosperity, and business success. Hang in the home or car for protection. Used to attract faeries. Use in rituals to cure or reduce lunacy. Warning: While the flowers & petals have the positive qualities listed, the seed is called 'Jumby Bean' and is known for promoting dissension and strife." (The Magickal Cat)

"Peony Root - Anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences" (Source

Pictured is sliced Peony Root from Conjured Cardea on Etsy, described as such:
"This root is believed to have a great deal of power protecting against misfortune, to break hexes, and draw good luck! My kinda root;)"

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