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Basic Magical Herbs Lesson 9

Salt (Sodium Chloride)
(Not an actual herb, it's a mineral so I've added a little more information from the lesson text because it may not be in your normal magical herb correspondence sheets and books)
Planetary Ruler: Mars
Gender: female
Elemental Rule: Earth
Medicinal Uses: sore throat, bee stings, dental issues, healing cuts
Magical Uses: cleansing, purifying, healing, consecration

I mostly use salt for protection. When casting a circle, I used salt or salt-water (holy water) as an outline for its protective and purifying qualities. I also use it along window sills and door ways to protect when I'm doing  any sort of magical working that might create a beacon for nastiness.
It is by far the easiest of the herbs to obtain but, it may be difficult to choose as there is quite a variety available now. Everything from basic iodized table salt to flakes of Celtic sea salt to Pink Himilayan to Witches Black can be bought at local super markets and online retailers. It is always best to work with what your intuition guides you too or find a salt that matches the other tools in your ritual.

Pictured is a set of black and white salt from Dewberry's Herbal on Etsy.
The product description:
"Traditionally used for Generations, Salt has long been associated with magic and mysticism. Within these practices it is sometimes used as a wash for magical scrying mirrors, as well as parts of consecration and purification rituals. It is also sometimes used in protective magic and ritual, as well as for the cleansing and purification of crystals. 
Black Salt is used for the removal of Negative influences, Casting Circles, Cleansing, add to other mixtures or blend small amounts with ink to increase the potency of your magickal seals.
Sprinkle in corners of your home or office; perimeter or corners of your land; Sprinkle when casting a circle; use in all purification and blessing rituals."

Chamomile from Raven Moonlight
Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

Medicinal Uses: digestive problems, painful menstruation, insomnia
Magical Uses: prosperity, meditation, healing

The following Rest In Peace Chamomile Spell comes from Lady Abyss on Witches of the Craft. Please visit their website for more information and spells with Chamomile.

"A carpet of chamomile planter over a grave encourages the dead to sleep and also eases their passage to the next realm."

Lucky Mojo describes their chamomile thus:

"CHAMOMILE FLOWERS are widely considered to be a Lucky herb. We believe that these flowers have been used by many people for the purpose of bringing Good Luck in Money Matters and especially at Games of Chance. Folks experienced at cards, slots, keno, the racetrack, the lottery, and bingo tell us that if their Hands are Clean, they believe they will have Good Luck. Therefore, they wash their hands with GOLDEN CHAMOMILE to Bring in the Winnings. Empty this packet into boiling water and let it steep for seven minutes. Strain and store until needed. Before betting, wash your hands with the golden liquid and recite the 23rd Psalm ("The Lord is my shepherd...") while concentrating on your desires."

Windy Acres Diary Photo
Caster Bean (Ricinus communes)
***Poison Do Not Consume***
Medicinal Uses: medications are made by pharmaceuticals only
Magical Uses: protection, evil eye, negativity, absorbs evil.

Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells:

Protection Bottle (1)

"To protect against malevolent magic:

  1. Place a single caster bean in a small glass bottle.
  2. Seal it tightly. Keep one bottle and bean in each room of the house. 
  3. Replace the beans at every new moon."

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