Monday, January 14, 2013

Choosing an Attunement

Over the next few days, along with my posts about magical herbs, spells, and whatnot you'll probably be reading some posts about the attunements I will be receiving from various mentors and guides.
For those of you that do not know what an attunement is -

Attunement is a ritual in which a teacher/Master/mentor/guide initiates another into the energy system usually after study of manuals explaining how and when to use the energy. This can be done face to face usually during or after a cleansing using that system or long distance through meditation and the receiver connects to the energy through a chi ball or by accessing the Cosmic Healing Bank (I'll talk about these things later).

I thought, since I'll be talking about it, I'll tell you all how I choose what attunements to take out of the MANY that are available in the wide world.

First off, 
I listen to omens and intuition. If something keeps coming up in my life, I have made note to pay attention.
It happened with my studies of Orion, the same with the need for stones like fluorite (it wasn't until I had a whole bundle of them on a whim that I learned they were the exact energy I needed for the emotions I was dealing with at the time). Lately, this has happened with an attunement I will be talking further about in later posts - Sekhmet Sekhem.
The lion-head goddess Sekhmet has been coming up in a lot of my readings lately. Everything from my First Degree lessons to my readings in Pagan Polyamory. So when I was offered a Sekhmet Sekhem attunement by donation I jumped on it. There is a reason she has chosen to make herself known in my life (even though I have always held little interest in Egyptian mythos).

The second reason is monetary.
This may sound overly mundane in a discussion about metaphysical and magical attunements but it is a necessary consideration. In the world of attunements, cost varies. Some are free, some are for low prices of $5-15, and others can go as high as $600.
I am currently self-employed by offering my services as a tarot reader (HERE). Other than that I am a poor student and housewife who's husband and girlfriend work to keep bills paid and food in the pantry. Things like pricey attunements and books on advanced forms of magic and healing all go to the back of the broom cupboard for later dates.
That being said, when an attunement is standing right in front of me, screaming at the top of its lungs, waiving its arms, and telling me that I NEED it still isn't going to work out if its price tag is no where near what I can afford.
If the universe and my life path dictates that I am meant for this attunement, then it will come to me at a time in which I will be able to afford it and accept it readily. This was a lesson that a friend taught me when we were discussing costs of lessons and attunements. It was a good lesson to learn and one I have kept.

Thirdly, and this is no list of importance, all three of these things are taken equally into account when I decide on an attunement, is the question
"Is this legit?"
While I like to think the best of people and their magical work...I have been taught a few lessons that some people and spells and whatnot can be coated in honey so thick it easily conceals bitter wormwood beneath...that is, until it hits the stomach.

What do I look for in a legit attunement offer?
Is the teacher making an effort to look presentable online? This sounds a little shallow but representation shows that this person cares enough about what they're doing to create an online space that is comfortable to be in, easy for seekers to navigate, and also easy to contact them.

Another thing I look for is information about the energy they are offering to attune me to. Are they the one and only master of this energy they found a week ago and no one else has ever heard of it? I give them a nod of encouragement and usually move on until I can learn something else about them or their teaching - this is not something I recommend, I'm sure that other people felt this way about Patrick Zeigler and look at him now! I'm just saying that this is my own choice of wariness.

Do they have manuals? Is there an actual lesson to the attunement with information on how to use the energy and pass it along to others? Without this information, I feel a little lost on the point of the attunement. I can be given all the energy in the Universe but without at least a little knowledge of how to use it, I don't feel like its work a grain of sand.

Well, there it is readers. I hope that this helped a little in your own searching on attunements.
If you have any other tips or advice, please share them.

Love and Light,

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