Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination

The Lady of the Abyss of Witches of the Craft was recently nominated by Morrighan of The Enchanted Solitaire for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! (Which she rightly deserves)

In return, as The Lady of the Abyss nominated 15 other blogs for the award I was Nominated!
I was very surprised by this as I've only been blogging here since late September of this year.
Thank you Lady of the Abyss for reading and noticing me ^_^

In participation I will now share a little about me and nominate 15 more blogs for the award.

Fact 1: I am five feet tall. This may not seem important but you try living with a man who is tall and likes to put things on the top shelf.

Fact 2: I am a night person, which may be the reason why I associate with the moon and night magic more than sun magic or sabbats.

Fact 3: I have notices that as I grow older I am drawn less towards dark, gothy images of witches and goddesses and more towards motherly, curvy, homey images. i.e. less Bellatrix Lestrange and more Molly Weasley in my life.

Fact 4: I love Winter and Snow. Maybe one of the reasons I am so happy to live in Alaska.

Fact 5: I love RPG games. While I have veered away from the addiction of WOW I do play on forums, on XBOX and used to play a lot in chat.

Fact 6: I love fairy tales and connect more with the Villain than the Princess - I love Malificent!

Fact 7: I am a Proud Pagan Polyamorist with a wonderful husband and lovely girlfriend who I live and practice with.

15 Nominations (in no particular order)

Witches of the Craft (not because I was nominated by The Lady of the Abyss but because its a blog I actually visit quite frequently)

The Herbalist's Path (not a pagan blog but a great blog for herbs and she's currently offering a class on medicinal teas)

The Deepest Well

Full Circle

Green Man Ramblings

The Domestic Pagan

Tales from the Kitchen Herbwife

Wandering in the Woods

Reverend Sherry Cooper's Blog on Witch School (its still a blog and as my mentore, I felt I needed to include her as she is very inspiring to me)

Dancing in Fields of Tansy (I love her posts about herbal prepping)

Methow Valley Herbs

The Essential Herbal Blog

The Herb Gardener

Comfrey Cottages

I Chose Health (shameless plug. This is my old blog and where I first got started with health and herbal blogging)

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