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Crataegus oxyacantha

The Benefits of Hawthorn include:

Famous for its heart tonic - both physically and emotionally.
Physically, hawthorn is used for a variety of heart problems including angina, arrhythmia  high and low blood pressure, and arterial hardening.

Hawthorn and rose tea by Artisan Witchcrafts

Hawthorn can even decrease the need for heart medications - but should be monitored so as not to cause contraindications with heart and blood pressure medicines.
A tonic and an astringent - best for those lacking cardiovascular system tone.

Hawthorn was a tonic for what the Chinese called disturbed Shen. Shen is a word for spirit which resides in the heart. This is our emotional state of mind. Disturbed shen could manifest as heartache, depression, restlessness, anxiety, fear, or even PTSD.

An ally for all suffering from a broken heart or any situation which requires protection of the emotional mind.
Hawthorn is also a calming nervine, so it should also be monitored if taking other calming medications or herbs.

Hawthorn Berries from Wytchen Wood

Asthmatics who tend to have attacks when upset or frightened can find aid in Hawthorn.

Hawthorn has also been used to aid the treatement of those with Parkinson's disease, stroke, toxic shock syndrome. It improves circulation, minimizes leg cramps and tremors, and increases a feeling of well-being among patients treating the disease.

The recommended dosage of Hawthorn for heart disease is 160 mg a day divided into 2 doses though some may take up to 160 mg three times a day depending on their condition.

I recommend hawthorn mostly for heartache for soothing comfort.

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