Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Magical Herbalism Part 1

Witchcraft and herbalism go hand in hand and have done so for centuries. In the past, witches were called wise women or wise men and were often the only people their neighbors could go to for healing. Doctors were sparse and so expensive only gentry could afford them or...there were none to be found in general. So the wise men and women who watched the stars, gave thanks to the divine and harvested and respected the herbs of the field were the healers of mankind until their persecution led them to go underground and hide their craft and wisdom.

Today, many witches are returning to their roots so to speak and looking to find a connection to the earth by healing themselves and those around them with herbs and plants.
I am one of these witches.

I wanted to do a series of posts to collect data online into one place for easier research not only for myself but for others looking.

The following are site and blogs that provide magical herbal information.

Wicca.com has a great reference list form A-Z of herbs and their magical properties. While I do not count myself as a wiccan in the modern sense of the term, I have found that wiccans and wiccan websites tend to be the easiest to access for information about paganism and magical herbalism in general.

Witch of Forest Grove has a great series of posts called Weeds for Witches that include Dandelion and Clover, two of my favorite weeds.

Kitchen Witchcraft blog has been around since September 2010 and has many posts on herbalism, herb crafting and her connection to her magickal path. I love her posts and I'm sure you will too.

Susun Weed, one of my herbal heroines, offers a Green Witch Home Study Course which I have yet to take but I wanted to add it here because I am very interested and wanted to share it with others. She also has a course called Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition that sound equally appealing and are both the same price. I'll write more about online and correspondence courses later.

Creole Magick has some great articles not only on witchcraft and herbalism but also on other healing methods such as Ayurveda.

I hope you find many blessings in the links given. Please share your witchcraft and herbalism links with me by commenting on this post or sending them to me at hedgewife at yahoo dot com.
I would be more than happy to share them as well.

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