Monday, November 19, 2012

Ritual Bath 2

A little while I wrote about Ritual Baths and gave an example of the one I did for my First Degree Course for WitchSchool. The following is another example for yet another Witch School class - Living the Wiccan Life.

While the bath for First Degree is for releasing the past, the bath for Living the Wiccan Life is for purification and is more of an "in general" use.
The lessons teaches that ritual baths "removes negativity from you on all levels. It can energize you, and increase your psychic awareness and ability."
This ritual bath exercise too uses herbs and asks that you choose from a list and pick at least one purifying herb and combine it with at least one other mentioned.

The purification herbs listed at Burdock, Lavender and Dandelion Leaf.
Other herbs listed are:
Cinnamon to raise spiritual vibrations
Jasmine to promote psychic ability
Peppermint to increase psychic ability
Red rose petals which are sacred to the Goddess and promote clairvoyance and happiness.

I do disagree with the inclusion of cinnamon as it can be very irritating in a bath.
The lesson even recommends using essential oils instead of herbs if must and, thought it does warn that peppermint and cinnamon can be irritating to skin, it does not include that the essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil and that cinnamon oil can actually cause burns on the skin.

Other than that, the herbs listed are great and easily obtainable for the most part at health food stores, supermarkets and in fresh, dried or tea forms.

I chose Lavender and Rose as well as Chamomile which was not listed to aid Lavender's soothing powers.
I did light a few white tea lights to set around the tub and some lavender e.o in a nearby oil burner.

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