Friday, March 29, 2013

G is for Gold


Gold is Alaska's State Mineral.

It is the metal of the Sun and is therefore associated with the Sun Deities such as Apollo and Ra.
Gold still holds that place in the hierarchy of metals and their magickal properties. Not least because Gold is said to reflect and show the inner beauty of those that wear it.

Physically, Gold is said to stimulate both the skeletal and circulatory systems as well as being extensively used in matters relating to the skin.
Jewelry made from gold is said to bring pain relief, especially from arthritic or inflammation discomfort.

In magic, Gold is most known for its use in Wealth and Abundance magic. Even the color Gold is said to bring these energies into a spell. Gold also is associated with drawing in knowledge, represents power within, and is use in spells that effect authority figures.

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