Sunday, March 10, 2013

E is for Eostra Eggs

Hello my Pagan Blog Project readers!

Ostara, one of my favorite sabbats, is coming up soon so I wanted to dedicate this post to one of the most popular activities of this holiday - Egg dying and other Egg projects.

Why the Egg?

Eggs are a symbol of life.
For humans, we can't really see a child in the womb. We simply see the mother growing larger as she creates the child.
In an egg, however, birth looks like a miracle. The mother doesn't nourish the fetus like with mammals. One can only imagine what early man thought when comparing human and mammal birth to birds and reptiles as he watched a baby duck or snake hatch from an egg.

Eggs in Myth

In Greek Orthodox Christianity, a legend of Christis resurection involving Mary Magdalene explains the origins of the Easter Egg: Mary Magdalene went to the emperor of Rome, and told him of Jesus' resurrection. The emperor's response was along the lines of "If he has truly risen, then these eggs are red." Suddenly, the bowl of eggs turned red, and Mary Magdalene joyfully began her ministry of Christianity to the emperor. (Patti Wigington)

This story is interesting when considering older uses of Eostra Eggs.
In England and Northern Europe, eggs were often employed in folk magic when women wanted to be blessed with children. Spring is a time for fertility and its magic not only upon the land but among the people and animals that live in that land.

Egg Hunts

Some believe that Egg Hunts have a darker connection to the Witch Hunts in England in which children were paid in candy or coin to look for eggs in spring that were decorated and hidden and the owner of the property on which that egg was found was put on trial for witchcraft. (wickedbones)

I cam across a ton of amazing ideas for egg-dying this year.

Silk Tie Tye-Dye
This idea can be a little pricey unless you luck up and fin some silk ties or scarves at the thrift store. However, the outcome can't be beat - the designs on the these eggs are fabulous!

Leaf Dye-Eggs
I have no clue as to what this website says or even what language it is in...but the eggs are adorable!
This is also a great alternative to artificial dye and colors and a way to do Ostara/Easter organically.

Lavender and Lilac Eggs
While not a how-to dye eggs, this blog post (also in a language I cannot understand) gives me a great idea for Ostara decorating. I would love to create a lavender and lilac altar for the day. Beautiful!

Marbled Eggs 
A how-to marble eggs with shaving cream! Genius and this blog shows that even kids can get in on the fun!
I'm just thinking of all the color combinations that could go on with this - orange and yellow and red for the spring sun; pinks for the maiden; and of course, my favorite purples!

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