Friday, March 15, 2013

F is for Found Objects

Tinker Bell and the Fairies call them Lost Things, the Correllian Tradition calls them Found Objects.

In Lesson 4 of the First Degree program at Witch School, Found Objects are explained:

"Found Objects are lucky in general and are always appropriate for your altar. They are symbolic messages from Spirit, and knowing their meanings is an ancient art. This can be an excellent way of receiving spirit messages, or omens, and you will lean more about it in Lesson XII. This doesn't mean just anything you find, of course, but rather things you happen across in unusual ways or in unusual places or that "speak to" you. Putting found items on the altar helps to strengthen your bond with the altar."

Here are some of the Found Objects I've collected over my years of practicing witchcraft:

These two beautiful butterflies I found in the same month. Both were dead upon finding them and both I nearly stepped on when walking around our old house. I was so amazed at how in-tact they were and have kept them in a jar on my altar to Deity ever since.

I found this Hag Stone on the beach last year. Hag stones or holey/holy stones are said to be gifts from the Fae and if you look through the hole, you can see through the veil between worlds.

There have been many other found things in my life not shown include crow feathers, bits of quartz imbedded in river rock, various beads and fake flowers, etc.

I hope this blog post gives you a new perspective - especially if your a parent whose child has a tendency to show you "junk" that they've found. It could be special to them, or a message from the Divine.

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