Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crystal Working Terms

Hello all,

I've been reading up on Crystals lately and I was wanting to go a bit more in-depth in my studies other than just simply this stone in this color has this meaning. There are a ton of books out there about that, I recommend Judy Hall's books, she's awesome, but I needed to know more (there's the Raja yogi in me).

So I've been watching Hibiscus Moon on Youtube, and if you don't know Hibiscus Moon and are into stones and crystals at all you should check out her site and her vids! She's amazing.

In crystal articles and some videos certain terms started popping up for me (probably because I'm finally ready to learn more and eager to listen) - terms like "key" and "Isis face" and "record keepers." I kept hearing them come  up and finally decided to dig deeper into this crystal mine.

Thankfully, I didn't have to go too far as Hibiscus Moon has videos on all of these terms. I figured I'd share them here in case you too were wanting to learn more:

Record Keepers (I am now on the look out for some record keepers at my local shops)
And HERE is a video on how to Open and Close Records and how to use them from UnderWorldClassroom.

Keys (I have attracted a couple of these unknowingly and I love the feel of them on my fingers when meditating. I originally thought it was just a tactile relaxation thing but now I know better)

Lemurian Seeds (and the difference between seeds and star seed and pink lemurian)

Phantom Crystals (turns out I attract a lot of these randomly enough and didn't know it until I watched this video and looked at my crystals)

Rainbow Crystals (Plug into the energy and feel the rainbow)

Cathedral Lightbraries (and the crystal featured here is just beautiful! For those of you interested, you can commission HM to look for crystals for you and tell her the features you want, the type of crystal, and your price range and she will give you a hand.)

So there's a few vids for you all to answer some questions I was asking and you might be too.

Also, in my crystal research I took HM's recommendation and bought The Crystalline Transmission by Katrina Raphaell and the book is not for a light reader, I must say. This is a book that you might want to take in spurts or tuck up with some tea, a blanket and your favorite meditation quartz and read for a while when you won't be interrupted. There is A LOT of info in this book. I haven't finished it as I just bought it but I'll try and remember to post my reflections and what not later when I do finish.

Crystal Blessings

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