Sunday, May 12, 2013

Been Busy: A Picture Blog Post

 I've been super busy for the past while and thought I'd post a fun picture update.

Here is a protection and healing altar for my girlfriend. You can read about the healing and protection grid I did on my new website HERE
 This is a gift I was recently given by my dear Aunty Flanna who uses it for divination. This table has a specific style set up for it using the 4 elements as well as 4 aspects - Death or Change, Time, Chance, and Love. It was part of a Collection of  New Divination Tools from her.
 I've been using the table also to do my Wheel of the Year readings as there are 8 sections. It works perfect.
 My new Sekhmet Matron Deity Altar featuring 2 figurines that I received also from my Aunty Flanna.
 A healing altar for a dear friend of mine. It is still in place and if you would like to send love, light, reiki, prayers too it I would appreciate it.
 A travel altar for my girlfriend who is currently in the lower 48 to visit her godson and his family.
 Just a little glimpse at my library in my newest bookcase.

Some books on tarot and oracle decks.
Books of shadows.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse at my life and what I've been up to.

Much love


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